Fuel System Repair

A properly maintained fuel system is essential to top performance. If you’re tired of spending your time at the pump, we can upgrade your tank size too. Our qualified team of technicians can diagnose and maintain your fuel systems and keep them running in top shape. General fuel system maintenance starts at $750 and increases based on a variety of factors. Call our shop and we’ll be happy to chat about the details.

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Diesel Truck Fuel System Repair Services in Abbotsford, BC

Average Price Range for Fuel System Repair Service:

Fuel Tank Problems & Repair

Delamination and leakage, injector pump failures and fuel filter problems, the list of diesel fuel tank issues goes on and on.

Whether your repair is covered through warranty, insurance, recall, or not covered at all, fuel tanks issues can be a major headache. Besides, with rising fuel prices, no one wants to waste money on fuel they don't even get to use.

Tank Upgrades

DOUBLE your truck's fuel capacity.

Most diesel trucks tanks range between 75L - 100L tanks but doing a fuel tank upgrade can increase your capacity to almost 200L of fuel.

Sure, it's a mod you can't see from the street but you'll appreciate it when your stops at the pump drop in half.

Steel diesel fuel tank upgrade
F-350 SuperDuty fuel tank upgrade to 190L.

Injectors and Pumps

Servicing and testing diesel fuel injectors is a decently complicated process. Sure, there are a lot of types of diesel fuel injectors but we typically see two main types: mechanical (older) injectors which are less complex and common rail injectors that are more sophisticated.

One important note: common rail injectors can't handle poor quality fuel very well (which can be the source of problems).

We see people upgrade their injectors all the time and then continue running the same diesel they've always run. If you're doing an upgrade, you need to look at upgrading your fuel quality too.

Diesel fuel injectors laid out neatly on a table in the shop.
Diesel truck fuel injectors being cleaned and repaired.

Signs Your Diesel Fuel Injectors Need Service

Sign #1 — Smoking Engine

If your engine is smoking or just running rough in general, it might be time bring it in for service. We'll do an inspection and advise you on whether or not you need cleaning, repair, or replacement.

Sign #2 — Diesel Filter Regen

If your truck's diesel filter is regenerating more than usual, it might be time for a service on your fuel injectors. Remember, preventative maintenance is ALWAYS cheaper in the long run. Don't put off a problem you can fix today for a bigger one tomorrow.

Important Note: Don't Service Injectors Yourself

No matter what you read on that blog or what your buddy Dave said, it's almost impossible to get the precision and accuracy necessary to test diesel fuel injectors without the right testing equipment.

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