Repair & Rebuild

The Best Diesel Truck Repair & Rebuild Service in Abbotsford, BC

Average Price Range for Repair & Rebuild Service:
$2,500-$4,000+ CAD

Get Back to Bombing Chipmunk Creek

There's no good time for your truck to be down. We get it. You'd rather be behind the wheel and not ending up on the wrong side of a tow.

But ignoring problems is only going to make things worse (at least that's what our wives tell us).

So when your engine is running a little rough and you're looking at options, what do you do?

Rebuild vs. Replace

In most cases, we try to direct people towards engine rebuilds rather than replacements. They’re more cost-effective and are actually better in most cases. We use OEM parts and diagnose the actual source of the problem so that you don’t replace your entire engine with a new (often subpar model) and find that you’re still having the same issues.

When we rebuild, everything is done locally and in-house so that your engine rebuild is done specifically for your truck.

Overall, JD Diagnostics ( is a complete diesel engine service centre solution. In the event that a rebuild isn’t recommended, we’re also equipped to replace.

Typical engine rebuild costs range from $2,500-$4,000+ CAD

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