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Most Popular Build Mods

Air Intake Systems

There's a reason why air intakes are one of the most popular diesel truck mods: you feel a noticeable difference in power right away.

It's a relatively simple upgrade but it makes a huge difference to the overall feel of your truck.

Dodge Ram with hood open showing engine and MPM logo
Upgrade your diesel truck's air intake.

Fuel Systems

DOUBLE your truck's fuel capacity.

Most diesel trucks tanks range between 75L - 100L tanks but doing a fuel tank upgrade can increase your capacity to almost 200L of fuel.

Sure, it's a mod you can't see from the street but you'll appreciate it when your stops at the pump drop in half.

Diesel truck fuel tank upgrade with new and old tank side by side
Stop stopping at the pump and upgrade your fuel tank (notice the old tank in the background).

Roll Cage

There's nothing worse than getting kicked off the track. in the shop — because the best only work with the best.

Lift Kits

....and the million other things done to this beast.

Notice the F-350 beside it?

Have an idea for a build?

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