Top 5 Tips To Keep Your Pickup Truck's Suspension In Best Condition

Written By Dieselmatic on May 06, 2022

Pickup truck receiving suspension services

Suspension is an essential component of every vehicle. It maintains the pickup truck balanced, steady, and capable of reacting to moves during operation. It's one of your pickup truck's less visible systems, but it's one of the most important. Your pickup truck's safety and comfort would be jeopardized if it didn't have properly conditioned suspension.

What is the suspension system of your pickup truck? 

The whole system of tires, springs, and shock absorbers that link the pickup truck body to its wheels is suspension. The suspension system has two purposes: it aids in the pickup truck's handling and braking and provides a smooth ride for the passengers. The pickup truck would be in danger of tipping over if it didn't have suspension, and passengers would be subjected to a choppy, jarring ride.

Throughout time, pickup truck manufacturers have used different suspension types, including leaf springs, torsion beam suspensions, coiled springs, air springs, and other gas/hydraulic fluid pressure systems. Suspension systems may be selected and customized based on the vehicle's intended function.

Suspension in your pickup truck is crucial for a variety of reasons. This is the mechanism that will smooth out rough rides and assist you in maintaining control of the vehicle when driving on uneven roads. Worn components may cause a rocky ride and lessen your control over the vehicle, so it's critical to maintain the suspension in excellent working order. 

The chassis, spring coils that sustain the vehicle's weight, and shock absorbers that work to protect the springs each time you travel over a bump, make up the suspension. Along with the anti-sway bar, the struts are part of the suspension. The struts give the pickup truck the structural support it requires and a sturdy frame and body.

The anti-sway bar helps to keep the pickup truck steady while traveling through turns by shifting the wheels. Because the tires contribute to the suspension, it's crucial to maintain them in excellent repair.

Tips to keep the suspension system of your truck in perfect condition: 

1. Maintenance of suspension

Because the suspension is composed of numerous pieces, mechanical maintenance should be left to a diesel repair expert. Nevertheless, you may keep an eye out for issues that may signal that it needs to be repaired. If you see any indicators that the suspension isn't operating correctly, schedule an appointment with your diesel technician.

2. Maintain proper tire inflation

The tires are a vital aspect of the suspension system, and they must be properly filled. If they don't get enough air, they won't wear evenly, which will impair the suspension's other components. You should also rotate the tires regularly to ensure equal wear and adjust the wheels regularly.

3. Wear and tear signs

When you drive over a bump and hear a clunking sound, it might signal that the spring coils are worn out and no longer have the strength to keep the vehicle steady. While these springs are designed to last the vehicle's life, they do sometimes wear out and need to be replaced. Shocks may wear out due to leaking fluid or a faulty valve, so if the vehicle feels bouncy as you round a corner, it's an indication that the shock absorbers aren't performing correctly. It might be a damaged strut if you hear a rattling sound while driving or notice that one side of your pickup truck sags down.

4. Being careful with suspension modifications 

Suspension systems may have a significant cosmetic impact on a vehicle, and modifications are often used to achieve various aesthetics. If a truck looks to be "lifted" (raised higher off the ground, commonly for off-road reasons) or "slammed,"(lowered to the ground to create a faster-looking profile), the suspension system may have been altered. . These modifications also improve the pickup truck's performance, namely handling and road feel.

Modifications may be a fun way to give a stock vehicle a whole new "personality," Some can become very intricate and subtle depending on the driver's preferences. A professional should be relied on to make suspension adjustments since safety standards and requirements must be followed while modifying.

5. Learning how to take good care of suspension

Struts and shock absorbers' main job is to keep the tire on the road and manage the vehicle's stability. The spring is responsible for keeping the pickup truck in the air and absorbing impact. Your vehicle's suspension system works together to provide a smooth, pleasant ride.

When you press down on your pickup truck, it should instantly return to its level position. If it shakes, it might signify that your rear shocks are failing. Other signs of worn shocks include your pickup truck bouncing about and shaking when you hit a bump in the road, swaying when you turn, and "rocking" when you stop.

According to the manufacturer's recommendations, strut assemblies should be replaced between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. However, depending on the vehicle, it's not uncommon to have faulty struts replaced sooner. The significant advantage of replacing both the front and rear struts and spring assemblies — a repair that typically begins at about $700 for a front or rear set — is that your vehicle will frequently drive like a brand new pickup truck.

Final words 

Because your pickup truck's suspension includes so many moving components, a diesel repair expert should handle any necessary repairs. You may assist in its preservation by driving cautiously and keeping an eye out for any indications of damage.

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