Is Gas or Diesel Better For Towing? Let's Find Out.

Written By JD Diagnostics & Diesel Repair on Jul 06, 2020

Pickup truck performing towing

Is Gas Or Diesel Better For Towing?

Choosing the ideal truck for towing requires you to understand the intricacies of your dream truck.

While there are a diversity of factors that will dictate your decision, choosing between a gas or diesel truck is a vital factor. It will not only affect the efficiency of using the truck but also have an effect on the amount of cash you spend on fuel.

The age-old dilemma of choosing between diesel and petrol trucks trickles to one thing: how will you be using your truck.

Read on to get a comparison between the two options:

Fuel Economy

In most cases, diesel trucks tend to promise a better fuel economy than their gas counterparts.

However, the advantage that the former might have over the latter is marginal.

For instance, the 2017 F-250 averages at 11.8mpg with its 6.2L gas engine, while the 6.7L gas engine averages 14.5mpg, according to

If the prices for both fuel options remained equal, you could save up to $351 over 50,000 miles when using a diesel engine than when using one that runs on gas. Another vital factor to consider is that diesel trucks will need regular diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) top-ups, owing to emissions regulations.

Cost Of Maintenance

Diesel trucks will typically cost more to maintain than their gas counterparts.

For instance, you will need to change the oil on the diesel trucks, which includes DEF.

An oil change is not only more expensive for diesel trucks, but more is also required. However, this is barely a cost considering the power the diesel trucks promise.

Towing Capabilities

Diesel trucks have a head start when it comes to towing capabilities. They have a remarkable torque, better mileage, and better engine longevity than the gas counterparts.

Unlike the diesel trucks, gas trucks might have a reduced fuel economy, high RPM, and a speed decrease when towing up a steep slope.

While this isn't an issue for people who will be using their trucks once in a blue moon, it can be a drag for people who need the truck on a daily basis.

Diesel trucks promise more efficiency when it comes to towing.

However, they may be costlier to maintain, though the extra cost is only but a small price to pay. If you want a towing truck, feel free to book online through email or call the shop.

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