How Do I Reduce Truck Repair Costs?

Written By JD Diagnostics & Diesel Repair on Dec 30, 2021

It’s estimated that 43% of all trucks on the road today run on a diesel engine. This makes it clear that diesel is an essential element of one of the most paramount industries in the entire world. 

If you drive a diesel truck and you want to avoid high costs at the repair shop, it’s essential to learn what you need to do to maintain your truck and prevent serious problems.

#1. Only Use Genuine Parts

It doesn’t matter if you need to change a head gasket or timing belt; your truck will only run as well as its weakest component allows it to. If you install a cheaper part or component from an unknown or questionable manufacturer, it may mean trouble down the road. 

If you need to purchase parts for your truck, consider how cheap parts would impact performance. You can also rely on truck repair shop mechanics to help you get the high-quality parts you need to ensure superior performance. 

#2. Invest in Regular Oil and Filter Changes

Knowing the right time to change your oil is essential for all vehicles. However, this is especially important for diesel trucks. 

Every type, make, and model is going to have a unique maintenance program. While this is true, most diesel engines require an oil change between the 3000- and 5000-mile range. Be sure you only use the high-quality oil and filter recommended by the manufacturer for the best results. 

#3. Diesel Treatment 

Nothing can reduce your diesel’s longevity faster than dirty fuel. Unfortunately, if you are using your truck daily or frequently, there’s no guarantee that the fuel you put into it will be clean. 

You can avoid serious damage from dirty fuel with fuel additives, like a diesel treatment. Adding this to the fuel will help ensure that any impurities won’t reach the engine and cause damage. 

#4. Avoid Long-Term Idling 

If your diesel engine idles for more than a few minutes, it can cause a layer of soot to build up inside. 

When this happens, it increases engine wear and tears and increases engine emissions. You can avoid this by ensuring your diesel truck doesn’t idle for over five minutes at a time. 

#5. Drain the Water Separator in the Engine

Water may get into your fuel tank when filling it with fuel. In other situations, condensation may build up in the tank, eventually dripping into the fuel. When this happens, the tank will be holding two types of liquid. 

You can avoid this situation by installing a quality water separator and emptying it regularly. 

#6. Change the Gaskets 

The gaskets are often exposed to varied conditions. They may drop too low temperatures during the winter but rise to high temperatures if your engine is used for long periods of time. 

If there is a leaky gasket, it’s a good idea to check them all and replace them, if needed. If one has started to wear out, there’s a good chance you will have to change the others soon, too. 

#7. Keeping Your Diesel Truck Running Efficiently 

If you want to keep your diesel truck running efficiently and problem-free, be sure to invest in the maintenance and service highlighted above. This will also help you avoid costly repair bills. 

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