Common Issues That Can Be Identified Through Pick-Up Truck Diagnostics

Written By on May 15, 2023

Pickup truck diagnostics services

When it comes to working with a fleet of trucks, it’s important to ensure there is minimal downtime in the operations. Breakdowns on the road can cause significant delays in transportation and become costly to the operator of the fleet. By understanding how pick-up truck diagnostics can help you identify common issues that are present in trucks, you can attend to certain problems early on. This could save you the costs of serious breakdowns and long delays. We’ll take a closer look at how common issues can be identified with pick-up truck diagnostics. 

Commonly Detected Problems With Pick-Up Truck Diagnostics

Pick-up truck diagnostic tools are commonly used in the modern day, especially in commercial vehicles. These tools are relatively simple to use, but they can still provide valuable information that could essentially prevent breakdowns on the side of the road. We’ll take a closer look at common problems that are often detected when pick-up truck diagnostics are used. 

Insufficient Battery Capacity And Voltage

Trucks rely on a battery that has sufficient capacity to start up without any problems and to function properly. When the battery’s capacity falls too low, it can cause problems with the startup process. Additionally, the battery may also not have enough power for other functions that rely on it. 

When you use pick-up diagnostics tools, you may discover that the amperage capacity and the current voltage of the truck’s battery are below the levels that are considered normal. In this case, the battery may need to be placed on a supported charger for some time to get its voltage rating to the appropriate level. In cases where the amperage capacity is severely reduced, the battery may need to get serviced or replaced. 

High Starter Draw Amperage 

When you turn the keys in your truck to start it, there’s an initial amperage draw that occurs from the battery. In some cases, the amperage draw may be higher than it is supposed to be. There can be various reasons for this, but identifying the issue early on is important. 

When too many amps are drawn from the battery during the startup of the truck, it could cause long-term problems. This includes the failure of the battery before its expected lifespan is over. Different factors influence the starter draw amperage, including the size of the engine, the condition of the starter, the oil that is currently added to the engine, as well as the temperature of the vehicle. Heavy-duty trucks and other large commercial vehicles sometimes require more than 1500 amps drawn by the starter motor, but when the figure goes too high, it’s important to investigate the potential underlying factors. 

Problems With The Fuel System

Fuel constantly runs from the fuel tank toward the engine while the truck is turned on. The fuel system plays a particularly important role in this entire process, but over time, problems can develop in this system - especially without the right level of maintenance tasks. 

When the fuel system is not working properly, it could potentially lead to problems like difficulty getting the truck to start or inefficient overall performance. A diagnostic toolset can be used to test the fuel system, including the pressure at which fuel is sent toward the engine and the amount of fuel sent through the system at a time. This can allow you to identify specific problem areas within the fuel system and take appropriate action accordingly. 

Alternator Failure

The alternator in a truck plays an important role once it has started up. The alternator is responsible for ensuring all of the electrical components in the truck continue to run optimally after starting the truck. It is, however, also a common problem area for some trucks. When the alternator fails, the truck may cause a sudden shutdown when the alternator is unable to deliver power to all of the essential electrical components. 

Most diagnostic tools that are available for pick-up trucks can assist in detecting faults within the alternator. These errors will be displayed in the form of codes that can be referred to in the manual or through an online search. The errors may indicate specific points in the alternator system that are not properly connected, which limits power output to specific areas of the system. 

High Emission Rate

As several attempts are made to reduce emissions and reduce air pollution, many countries are implementing regulations that clearly state the maximum amount of gases that a vehicle may emit. When the emission rate of the trucks in your fleet is too high, it may cause legal problems for your business over time. 

This is another area where the use of diagnostic tools comes in handy. With certain diagnostics tools, it’s possible to get a reading for the emission rate in a truck. The data provided by the diagnostics tool can then be compared to the current regulations within the specific area. When emission rates are higher than what is considered legally appropriate, it is important to consider factors contributing to this particular problem. Potential issues contributing to the emission rate include problems with the fuel injection system, an error in the oxygen sensor, a Mass Air Flow Sensor that is not functioning correctly, or a vacuum leak. Note that in some cases, faults in the Evaporative Emission Control System in the vehicle can result in the leakage of gas fumes. This can further contribute to the amount of emission that comes from a particular truck in your fleet. Keep all of these factors in mind to find the culprit and implement the appropriate fixes. 


Diagnostic tools are incredibly helpful in the modern day, allowing you to easily recognize small problems that could later on become more serious. At Diesel Doctor, we are experts in working with pick-up trucks and heavy-duty trucks. Our experts have the professional equipment needed to effectively detect common issues with your trucks and can immediately start working on rectifying these issues. Get in touch with Diesel Doctor to find out how we can help your fleet operate at maximum efficiency.

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