5 Tips To Help Prevent A Winter Breakdown Of Your Pickup Truck

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Pickup truck broken down in winter

Any motorist can tell you that breaking down is never enjoyable, and the risk is increased the worse the weather gets. Winter months may be particularly hazardous for stopping on the side of the road due to dropping temperatures, early dusk, and poor visibility. Even while nothing can substitute defensive driving techniques and a well-equipped emergency bag, if you follow the following pick-up truck maintenance advice, you may prevent certain winter driving disasters.

1. Overheating issues 

Despite popular belief, overheating is a problem year-round. In colder weather, motor oil congeals more slowly, making it more difficult for it to circulate, maintain your pick-up truck operating smoothly, and keep it from overheating.

A "multivocality" motor oil will be better able to adjust to various weather conditions, therefore avoid it. Find out whether you need to do a winter oil change by asking your technician or calling the customer care number for the manufacturer of your pick-up truck. They could advise switching to oil that is suited for cooler temperatures and is thinner.

2. Dead batteries 

Winter makes it difficult for pick-up truck batteries to charge, which means they may not have enough power to turn on your pick-up truck when you turn the key.

Before it gets too cold, use a voltmeter or multimeter to check the voltage of your battery. Alternatively, request that your technician check it out when you have your pick-up truck winterized. A voltage of around 12.40–12.75 volts is sufficient to assure dependable starting. If you reside in a region with extreme cold, you may want to get a battery designed for such conditions. An indicator of how many amps a battery can produce in cold weather is the CCA (cold cranking amps) count.

3. A squealing sound when the pick-up truck starts

Your pick-up truck was left outside all night. Shortly after turning it on, your engine won't start, you hear loud screeching, warning lights turn on, or steam begins to stream from beneath the hood. Each one of these signs might indicate that your radiator has frozen and broken, necessitating expensive repairs.

If you can, park inside. This will lessen the likelihood of freezing and expanding fluids in your engine. Check the coolant percentage in your pick-up truck before the winter; it's called antifreeze for a reason. To ensure the ratios are accurate and prevent it from freezing, including it on your mechanic's pre-winter checklist. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends a 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and water.

4. Bald or under-inflated tires

For winter driving, particularly on slippery and icy roads, maintain your tires since they are your point of contact with the road. To assist your pick-up truck, hold the road, the treads help direct snow and water away from the contact area, and correct tire pressure helps your pick-up truck dig into slick terrain (like a snowy road). Without either, your pick-up truck can struggle to remain on the road or stop when you use the brakes.

5. Difficulties in maintaining tire pressure 

Check your tires before winter weather arrives and keep doing so after it becomes cold to prevent it. The air pressure may fall by 2 PSI for every 10 degrees that the outside air temperature drops, therefore it's critical that they remain adequately inflated. In the winter, he advises checking your tires using a gas station air pump every time you fill up. On the inside of the driver-side door, there is generally a sticker with the appropriate PSI written on it. Making ensuring the tread isn't worn out is also essential. Try this simple way to achieve that: With Lincoln's head pointing inward, insert a penny into the tread's center. The tread depth on your tires has to be increased if you can see his hair. If you reside somewhere with harsh weather, consider investing in some winter-specific tires.

How to respond in a breakdown

While you wait for assistance, being in your pick-up truck can help shield you from the wind and chilly weather. Possess the necessary tools. Having the right equipment on hand will ensure your safe return home in the event that your pick-up truck breaks down during the winter. A flare pistol, blankets, drink, food, a first-aid kit, a mobile phone, a phone charger, matches or lighter, and anything else you can think of that could be useful are a few things you'll want to have in your pick-up truck throughout the winter months.

Use what's around. Look for twigs, branches, and other items you may use to construct a fire with in case you become trapped for a time without having to go too far from the protection of your stranded pick-up truck.

Keep the windows shut. Keep the heat inside your pick-up truck if you're stranded; this will keep you warm. To help keep the elements outside of your pick-up truck, keep your windows closed and, if one of them is broken, cover it with a blanket. Remain active to stay warm. To assist keep your blood flowing and your body heated up, do some activities that require you to move your arms and legs.

Final words 

Winter may be very cold and hazardous, particularly while driving, as we all know or can at least infer. In addition to the very low temperatures and strong wind gusts, snow-covered roads may become highly slick and dangerous to travel on. A pick-up truck breakdown is among the worst anxieties while travelling in the cold. The notion of it occurring won't terrify you any more if you know what to do when it does. You may learn how to survive a winter pick-up truck breakdown by using the above advice. Be safe, be ready, and be prepared.

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