5 Common Pickup Truck Transmission Problems and How to Avoid Them

Written By Dieselmatic on Oct 25, 2022

Pickup truck with transmission problems

Your pickup truck's gearbox is the device that transfers engine power to the wheels. The tremendous heat and friction from numerous parts of your pickup truck regularly put a lot of strain on the gearbox. Over time, this wear and stress may result in several transmission issues and a hefty repair cost from your technician. Fortunately, many of these transmission issues may be identified early if you know what to look for while driving about regularly.

Your pickup truck has trouble accelerating 

Why does it matter? Your gearbox has failed or worn out one or more components. High mileage, transmission fluid loss, or inappropriate usage or misuse of your pickup truck are all potential causes of this failure.

You notice unusual odors coming from the pickup truck 

Due to prolonged usage and fluid degradation, your transmission overheated. You will notice a "burning" scent, usually the smell of burning fluid from a leak. Low fluid levels or the wrong kind or brand of transmission fluid may also result in overheating fluid. Always check your fluid levels and talk to your technician about the best transmission fluid for your pickup.

Your pickup truck won't shift into gear or is shaking or grinding

Your pickup truck should typically shift and accelerate effortlessly. Your pickup truck's gears may be malfunctioning if you hear any grinding, shaking, or strange sounds while shifting gears. Your pickup truck may "jerk" while changing as the issue worsens, and it may take some time to "wiggle" into first gear.

Your pickup truck's check engine light is on

An illuminated check engine light indicates something is wrong with your pickup truck and might mean several different things. A problem with your transmission can lead to the check engine light coming on. It is best to get your pickup booked for service as soon as possible if you notice this light on your dash.

Final words

Transmission problems are a significant matter that qualified experts best diagnose to save you money over time. Bring your pickup truck to your local dealer or technician for diagnostic testing and inspection if you think it may have transmission problems. 

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